Our good friends at Tri-Lox, a sustainable furniture maker, approached us to collaborate with them on the nest play structure for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. We gave them a hand navigating the play design code to create an open-ended play element for toddlers to 8-year-olds. Our focus was on designing elements of graduated challenges and circuits for multiple developmental ages. NEST considers how kids of different abilities can play, and how their parents can play with them––or just watch them play (because it's a bench too).  

The result is a hyper-local and sustainable play structure made of recycled Brooklyn water towers with a climbable exterior, circular hammock area, and permeable interior space for open and creative exploration that children are able to grow with as they continue to visit the museum.

We frequently collaborate with Tri-Lox to build unique custom structures that are interesting and challenging for a broad age range. We love their philosophy on sustainable and local materials. Their pieces are well-considered and well-crafted. see how they built nest here.


Location: Brooklyn, NY (2019)

Team: TRILOX, Lu—La (Sara Brunelle- design, play consulting, CPSI)

Client: Brooklyn Children's Museum

Project Type: Play Equipment

Photos: Arion Doer (via Trilox)