The NEST Long Island City

The NEST at Long Island City is the second open-ended play element from the Tri-Lox NEST series. 

The design language at heart remains the same; a permeable interior space with a hammock net resting above provides endless opportunities for non-prescriptive-play. The climbable exterior connects to additional portals, increasing the amount of play circuits for different developmental ages. In response to the surrounding site, the lines and dimensions have pulled and stretched, creating a new form for endless play possibilities. Lu--La's expertise in play theory, particularly non-prescribed play, informed the Tri-Lox team's design.

We love the NEST series. They're an open and explorative play structure allowing children to grow with it. They also consider how kids of different abilities can play and how their caretakers join in with them — or just watch (because it's a bench too).




Location: Long Island City, NY (2023)

Role: Play consulting, CPSI

Client: Tri-Lox

Project Type: Play Equipment

Photos: PJ Rountree