The Yard at Harvard Childcare Center 

Our concept for this playground was to deconstruct the classic post-and-platform equipment and layer active play elements into the landscape. The goal is to create a sequence of play experiences that are as rich and engaging as the landscape itself. The space is organized by a shifting palette of ground-plane material. The variety adds a rich character and materiality, which helps to break down the scale of this long, narrow site by defining different outdoor playrooms. 

We wanted each room to feel fresh and new to the children who play there – slow them down or speed them up, and create variety and choice through the seasons. We believe in risky play and so do the parents and educators at HYCCC. We understand that each child meets their world differently at different developmental ages, therefore we designed plenty of graduated challenges to keep it fresh and fun. We made sure that it was open-ended for make believe, to include loose materials and the nooks and crannies to put them in, and an abundance of boulders, mounds, and logs for full-body active play.

The outcome? A rich and engaging landscape full of challenges, opportunities, and peaceful spaces for children to just be themselves.


Location: Cambridge, MA (2018)

Project Type: Childcare

Project completed while at G2 Collaborative (Sara Brunelle- project manager)

Photos: Raj Das (via G2 Collaborative)

Awards: 2019 Boston Society of Landscape Architects Design Merit Award